Deskpets YouTube Video Contest


What You Win

Apple iPod Touch 32GB (4th Generation)
Your choice of colour!
A Deskpets Carbot & Tankbot
Your choice of colour!

How to Enter

Upload a video to your YouTube channel of a Deskpets product in action
between July 15th and September 15th, 2013 and use “Deskpets” in your video title.

The most viewed video wins!

Contest Rules:
This contest runs from June 15th thru Aug. 15, 2013. Your video must be uploaded on or after June 15, 2013. A Video uploaded before this date or after August 15th is not eligible. Each video must be between two and six minutes to qualify for this contest. Your video should not be longer than six minutes! You must use a Deskpets product in your video and include the name “Deskpets” in the video title so it can be found in a search on YouTube. A few hints: a good description and the addition of keywords will help your views. You must respect copyright. If you add music you must have permission to use it or use royalty free or stock audio. Your video must be your own creation but you may use other people’s video clips or photos provided you have permission, and you give them credit. You must enable the video statistics for public viewing so we can see where your views came from. You are responsible for all technical aspects of the production and uploading of the video. Please don’t contact us for help. The prize is not transferrable and must be claimed by the end of August 2013 or another winner will be chosen. The winner will be contacted via a message to their YouTube channel. Videos will be judged solely on the number of views. Each registered account is allowed to vote only once per video.