Mission statement :
“Desk Pets’ mission is to spark curiosity, innovation and provide entertainment with gadgets living on your desk using environmentally-friendly energy sources”.


Traditionally, toys live either in a box, a drawer, or the floor … and they get played with outside, on the floor, or in the car. At Desk Pets, we thought it would be great if we could create a toy that would work best on your desk…to live on your desk. So we created Desk Pets. They play on your desk, charge on your desk, and best of all can navigate around the stuff on your desk. Take a tour through our website and find your perfect pet!


FUN — Works as well as a little toy would. Pro tip: you have to scroll down on the optimization window to find the “press me” button.

Dave Burkhardt

Cute little toy, and the controller app works fine…

Dayton Livingston

My son had a great time creating mazes and obstacles for his CarBot out of various things in our home. It was great, he had his CarBot driving through them all!

Vanessa Witkowski

I love that my grandson is doing something else with his iPod other that texting and playing games. He uses it as the controller to drive his TankBot all over the place. This little toy is awesome!

Annely May

I often hit a wall at work with the stress and pressure of projects. I use the couple of DeskPets I have on my desk as a way to take my mind off things for a few moments—a way to recharge.

Glen Hobbs